I began soaping in 2017 after a chance suggestion from a friend. I followed one basic recipe, and was hooked.

There followed many months of reading, learning, and experimenting. I was fascinated by every aspect of the process. I learned about how different oils contribute to different qualities in soap, and how to formulate my own recipes. I learned about different natural additives and how they can enhance soap. I learned about plants and plant essential oils and what benefits they offered to the skin.

I also learned about what I didn’t want to put in soap. From day one, I have avoided synthetic fragrances or dyes. They are skin irritants or sensitizers for many people, and even worse, they do damage to the environment after they’ve washed down the drain. I also never use palm oil. Palm oil makes wonderful soap – and it’s a challenge to formulate soap without it – but palm farming is contributing to deforestation around the world. Making my own soap allows me to make ethical choices about how I consume an everyday product, and that feels good.

I wanted to help bring those choices to others, as well, and Mona Soap was launched.

Give it a try!