The Soapbox

You use soap every single day, in the shower, at the bathroom sink, or at the kitchen sink. Have you ever thought about what’s in your soap? Or what it does to your skin, and what it does after it’s washed down the drain?

Why use natural handmade soap?

The art and science of soapmaking has been known to humans for about five millennia. When fats are combined with an alkali (lye) and emulsified, they turn into soap! It’s so simple, it almost seems magic.

However, commercial soaps sold today are often complicated with chemical detergents, hardeners, synthetic lathering agents, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, parabens, phthalates, and crude oil derivatives. These ingredients can irritate the skin and lungs in some, and are unkind to our environment and delicate aquatic ecosystems.

Not Mona Soap! We stick to the very basic, time-proven recipes. We don’t add anything to our soap unless your skin will love it – things like honey, clays, and plant extracts. We also never use palm oil, which is leading to deforestation around the world. And solid soaps eliminate the need for the plastic packaging required by liquid soaps. Our all natural bar soaps are better for your skin and health, and better for the health of the planet. Plus they just feel great to use and do good things for your skin.

Give Mona Soap a try! We think you’ll agree that simple is magical.

What’s In Mona Soap What’s Not
 Plant Based Oils
 Essential Oils
 Plant Extracts
 Natural Extras
 Animal Fats
 Palm Oil
 Fragrance Oils
 Other Synthetics